J A Z Z   C A F E  -  B U D A P E S T
Jazz Concerts   19.30 Pm - Concert Tickets: 1200.-HUF/person Ground Floor, Gallery 700.-HUF/person

9. December monday 19.3o   - ESZTER VACZI & QUARTET

Eszter VACZI vocal, Ivan GATOS piano, Zoltan SCHNEIDER guitar, Balint GATOS bass, Lajos GYENGE drums

10. December tuesday 19.3o   - POSTMODERN SONGBOOK

Lívia BAGOCZKY vocal, Krisztian OLAH piano

11. December wednesday 19.3o   - BILLY PRIM ’THALASA’

Attila BLAHO piano, Andor HORVATH double bass, Billy PRIM drums

12. December thursday 19.3o   - GABOR HORVATH TRIO

Gabor HORVATH “TOJAS” piano, Balazs HORVATH double bass, Adonisz FABRY drums

13. December friday 19.3o - KALMAN OLAH SOLO

Kalman OLAH piano

14. December saturday 19.3o - PRIVATE PARTY

Private Party

15. December sunday 19.3o   - ORSOLYA URBAN - RICHARD REVESZ DUO

Orsolya URBAN vocal, Richard REVESZ piano

16. December monday 19.3o   - PETER PINTER SOLO

Peter PINTER piano

17. December tuesday 19.3o   - MARKUS - DENES - KISS TRIO

Tibor MARKUS piano, Abel DENES double bass, Tamas KISS drums

18. December wednesday 19.3o   - DANIEL VARGA - MARCELL GYANYI - SLY JUHASZ TRIO

Daniel VARGA saxophone, Marcell GYANYI bass, Sly JUHASZ drums

19. December thursday 19.3o   - KAROLY GASPAR TRIO

Karoly GASPAR piano, Balazs HORVATH double bass, Bendeguz VARGA drums

20. December friday 19.3o - PHILIPPE GOTTLIEB QUARTET

Istvan GYARFAS guitar, Jeff PRESLAFF (CAN) piano, Tibor CSUHAJ NAGY double bass, Philippe GOTTLIEB (ISR) drums

21. December saturday 19.3o - AGNES LAKATOS QUARTET

Agnes LAKATOS vocal, Istvan GYARFAS guitar, Tibor CSUHAJ NAGY double bass, Philippe GOTTLIEB (ISR) drums

22. December sunday 19.3o   - FEKETE FAMILY BAND

Istvan FEKETE trumpet, Zoltan FEKETE bass, Matyas FEKETE guitar, Jammal FEKETE drums

23. December monday 19.3o   - ANDREW BUTT - JUHASZ - RIEGER - PIRI - POTESZ

Andrew BUTT (AUS) saxophone, Attila JUHASZ piano, Attila RIEGER guitar, Bela PIRI double bass, Balazs POTESZ drums

24. December tuesday  - MERRY CHRISTMAS

25. December wednesday   - MERRY CHRISTMAS

26. December thursday  - MERRY CHRISTMAS

27. December friday 19.3o - HALPER QUINTET

Laszlo HALPER guitar, Gabor KOLLMANN saxophone, Istvan FEKETE trumpet, Zsolt KOSZTYU bass, Janos SRAMKO drums

28. December saturday 19.3o - CANARRO

Tamas SZAKAL violin, Attila SIDOO guitar, Viktor JAKAB guitar, Marton SOOS double bass

29. December sunday 19.3o   - KALMAN and GYAFI

Kalman OLAH piano, Istvan GYARFAS guitar

30. December monday 19.3o   - RELAX SPECIAL: Enikö SOOS vocal,

Gabor JUHASZ guitar, Andras SOMOS flute, Pal VINCZE piano, Ferenc EDER “LA” bass, Ferenc CSOMOS drums

31. December tuesday 19.3o   - BUEK 2020 New Year's Eve with LIVE BLUES - TURNAROUND BLUES

Csaba HIDEG guitar- vocal, Istvan FEKETE trumpet, Gabor SZKORITS TALA double bass, Andras ROKUSZ drums

iF Exhibitions   every day of the week from 11 to 24 hours

•  26. November - 9. December  John Francis Steffen (USA) - exhibition

•  10. December - 16. January  Joint Exhibition 2019

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